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First Time here and could use some help.
The tank in question is my sisters tank not mine but I help look after it.

I am reasonably experience and have a planted tropical (no co2) and a saltwater tank.

My sisters tank is currently quite plain.
Got some more plants on the way but she wanted a less is more approach

Currently bare bottom as with it being so deep it's a pain to maintain. But I am considering if a substrate should be added to help make a more natural happy environment for the fish.

Tank has been up an running for several months without any issues and a few fish.

We use aquadur with ro water.
Tank has airstone and heated to 25.c
Fed daily

I carried out a 30% water change, replenished media in filters.
(Two external fluval 306)
Existing stock
2 cardinals
2 rummynose
2 loaches
Maybe couple other bits but cannot remember
Then she added a few fish

5 Glow tetra
5 Harlequins
4 Cory
2 free guppies that were in the bag as well for free (not sure why)

While that sounds quite a few fish they were all tiny and given its a 300L tank with lots of filtration thought it would be fine.

Everything was fine for a week.
Then I noticed 3 dead fish
1 glowlight 1 rummynose and 1 cardinal, 3 Cory's also missing.

Tested the water nitrate and ammonia both 0, (new test kits and waiting on more kits)
Surly if we added to many fish we would have a reading here?

Carried out another 30% water change and dosed with Seachem stability and prime. Just in case.

Now 2 days later at least one more cardinal and rummynlse has died as has one of the loaches.

No signs of diseases at all.

Can the tank be to sterile for the fish? Given its bare and we use ro water?

Going to try and get a general tonic tomorrow and perhaps salt which helps immune system right.

But not sure what else I can try as I don't know the cause.

Any thoughts?

Pics are one of my sisters tank (early days so don't judge to harshly) and mine just so I don't seem inexperienced.

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Oh also well aware we should have more tetras
It was on the to do list but after a house move and decorating etc we are only just getting into stocking recently

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