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I am by no means an expert, especially not with livebearing fish, but I do have some platys. I will do my best to help and get things started though.

If I'm not mistaking, I am pretty sure guppies and platys are surface feeders by nature and perfer to stay near the top of the water column. Do they look like they are gasping for air? Is their breathing increased? Are they eating normally?

My only concern is that if they are actually gasping for air, there are a few things that could be causing the low oxygenation. First off, how many live plants do you have in your tank now?
Next, does your filter waterflow break the surface of the water? If you are not having good agitation at the surface you could adjust the water level so that you do, or add an airstone.

Another thing to think about, especially with platys, is that if you dont have a 2:1 female to male ratio, the males will harrass the female to the point of death trying to impregnate her.

I dont ever suggest adding any chemicals to a tank at all other than some plant ferts (and that is really only if your tank is heavily planted which is a whole new discussion) and prime for the water changes. Clean water can do more for your fishtank than just about anything else.

Oh, something I forgot, What is the temp of your tank? The warmer the temperature, the lower it's capacity for dissolved oxygen.
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