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So, im new to the aquarium hobby.
I bought my first fish tank a month ago. 2nd hand Fluval Roma 200L aquarium.
As soon as i got it home, with in minutes it was filled. With fingers crossed i watched for any leakages.
Thankfully it was fine :-D

100cm x 40cm x 55cm (39inch x 16inch x 22inch)

The cabinet has a shelf missing on the left hand side but im not going to complain about that for the price i paid.

Then the next step for me was to buy the essentials. The filter and the heater.
I decided i wanted an external filter very early on but didn't want to pay the hefty price.
I came across the AllPondSolutions external filter that is rated to shift 1000 Liters/hour for £50. decided while i was there i would get myself the 300w heater i needed also.
I decided to go for one 300w instead of two 200/150w heaters.
There is a lot of controversy regarding the 'two is better than one' argument but after reading a lot, i decided to go with one.

This is the filter. i was in shock how large it actually is so i took a picture with my boot next to it.

This is the heater. No fancy thermostat or anything just standard.

Then i took to Amazon in search of an air pump. I had looked at a few but none stood out more for me than the TetraTec APS300. Supposedly silent and very effective, it was added to my basket.
Along with this, i added 3meters of air line, two air stones and two non return valves.
I dont have pictures at the moment because it is waiting in the royal mail depo for me to collect so they will be added later.

As i plan on keeping south African cichlids i would be needing some rocks. Living close to the beach, bag in hand, me and the girlfriend went.
Filled the bag up with numerous different sized rocks and headed home.
After soaking them in bleach for three days, boiling and drying them they were finally ready for the tank. While we were doing this we washed the play sand we plan to use as substrate for the aquarium.
After hearing horror stories of rocks falling and tanks breaking, i decided to purchase some 'egg crate'.

That is the Egg crate in the tank and cut to size with the bags of sand lying on top.

There is some of the rocks from the two trips of back-breaking rock carrying.

Still a few little things i need to pick up closed to the time of cycling the tank but as for now i have to wait. The tank cant be set up For another TWO MONTH :-(.
Moving house and dont want to establish a thriving aquarium just to break it down and transport it.

My question is, whats left?
What do i need to get before the obvious fishies :)
I plan on getting Electric yellow labs and zebras. i cant give much info on the zebras as i havent looked too much into it.
I think the male fish are light blue with dark blue stripes and the females are orange i believe.

Could i get the fish as fry and grow them in a smaller tank?
If so how long would they take to grow from fry to 1-2''?
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