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Finally created an account

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Hello everybody! I've been reading very helpful advice from these forums and tonight I finally decided to create an account to join the discussions.

A little background: I grew up with aquariums in my life forever since my dad gave me my own desktop tank as a kid. My dad had his cichlid tank while I had my betta. We both stopped the fishkeeping hobby for some unknown reason for many years but then I decided to start again. I was never good at fishkeeping, but the difference is now I've done my research and I'm excited to go further into this hobby.

Current set up: 10 gallon planted tropical community
1 Dwarf Gourami
1 Fancy Guppy
2 Corydoras catfish
3 harlequin rasboras

This week I'm going to get a 29 gallon so I can give these fish some more space and I can add more rasboras and corys since they like schooling. :)

If I ever do anything wrong I don't mind constructive criticism or blunt advice.
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Back to your roots

life often causes us to side step the things we enjoy most... but those things that shape the individual we become are often times revisited... welcome to TFK..

Awesome, great people on this forum. Moderators and reference team are wonderful . Ifyou like fish, you'll love tfk! Best wishes to you and your fish
- skylight


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hello and welcome.
i hope you'll be very happy here with us. :-D
Hello and welcome to the forum :wave:

We're glad you found us.
Awesome!! We love hearing that members have read the good advice given and are taking steps to upgrade to more space and better numbers. You know all about cycling that new tank and taking your time with this, right? Make sure your temperatures match in the 2 tanks when you move them over... just the same as introducing new purchases from the store.

Personally, I love seeing the current inhabitants visit the bag of newbies... they know they are getting more of their own kind!! "Hey... you look like me!" The Corys will greet the newbies on the bottom and take them off to explore the tank.

You know that 10 gallon will make a lovely quarantine tank. Keep it up and running.

OH... and Welcome to the place!! :-D
Thank you all for the hospitality.

Once my new tank is done cycling I was debating on either keeping it as a small display tank for my room, as a quarantine tank, or possibly a shrimp breeding tank.
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a pretty small display tank sounds nice :-D
I've always wanted to do a 10 gallon heavily planted, maybe with very small fish or invertebrates.
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