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Fin rot treatment

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My fish started displaying signs of fin rot a couple weeks ago. I initially just started doing water changes much more frequently and dosing with stress coat. When that didn't seem to help I started using salt. That didn't seem to help either so now I'm thinking about antibiotics. I am planning to use maracyn of maracyn 2 but I java a dilemma: all the fish in my tank seem to be infected. Should I still move them to a quarantine tank? Won't the load of all the fish at one time be too much for an uncycled tank? I was thinking of moving and treating them in two different groups.

Also, for fin rot which is best: maracyn 1 or maracyn 2 or both?
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I know it has been a while but I have finally managed to get some pictures of the fin rot (I had trouble for a while trying to post a picture) , though I am starting to have second thoughts on if it is fin rot. This is because I was at the pet store and I noticed many of the guppies had similar discoloration on the edges of their fins. I was wondering if the discoloration could just be natural coloring. I am thinking that only 2 of them have fin rot, and it is appearing to get worse, despite the last 2 weeks of antibiotic treatment. I am running out of ideas, any help is appreciated.

Please look at the pictures and tell me if they look like fin rot, that would be much appreciated.


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Beautiful fish. I feel bad you didn't get any good responses. I am not sure but I heard keeping the water excellently clean will help fin rot go away. It's usually a sign of poor water quality, it sounds like.
Thank you for the response and the kind words.

I have been trying to keep the water quality clean but my problem is I can't tell if it is working/helping. I see no visible improvement in what I think is the fin rot, which is one of the reasons why I wondered if it was really fin rot in the first place.
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