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so about a month ago I got this lovely betta, I've had a few in the past and never had any issues like this but his tail is not looking as great as when I got him. He's currently in a 10 gallon Fluval Flex, which is really well established- about 4 years old now. It is planted and I have recently added some new plants which are thriving, all parameters are good with 50% weekly water changes. I even brought a new pump with a lower flow rate because I felt it may be too strong. He is pretty shy and always hiding so I'm not sure if the damage is from him swimming among the wood or if its rot/ another disease? kind of hard to tell since he is completely white but to me, it looks like he has managed to snap his dorsal fin.... what do you guys reckon? and what do you suggest?

I don't currently have another tank set up and he seems pretty healthy and happy, so wouldn't want to do a complete re-scape as that would just be too much stress for him, otherwise, I would just take the wood out to be sure.

Oh, and his only tankmate is a pretty tiny assassin snail.
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