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Hello. I am a "new" fish care taker as of 12/24/18 and I Have 2 female guppies and 3 male guppies. One of my female guppies who is currently pregnant, had many red spots that look like blood on/in her this morning as you can see below. I put her in new cleansed water and a new fish bowel by herself. I don't know what is going with her but she will barely move and just stays at the bottom of the bowel. Earlier she had clear discharge coming out of her in a long strand. She also NEVER gave birth. She is quite big. I am worried and have no idea what is going on. I put her in the bowel by herself to see if the spots would die down in color, but they did not. The spots are all over her body and even on her little head. Please help me! And also the other female DID give birth about 2 weeks ago and all of the fry are still doing well. It looks as if she is filling up with blood almost too.


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