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Feather duster /Coco worm

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Sort of jacking this thread. I recently bought a Feather duster/Coco worm, and it not doing to well at all. After climatizing it to my tank and releasing it; it began to spew whitish threads. Poop, if figure. Then over the next couple of days, it became less and less showy. It seems to have deminished in size and now bearly comes out at all. I've tried feeding with phytoplankton to no avail Now just sort of pops out breifly once in a while, usually when the lights are off. Anyone else had a similar experience? Anyone know what could possibly make things better? Would really like to save this guy, as they are very pretty and showy.
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what kind of fish do you have in your tank?
it doesnt seem like anything would be picking at it, except maybe the yellow tang...but even thats iffy. although our cleaner shrimp did pick at our feather duster at first, but stopped. it may just be scared. next time it comes out try to pay attention to whats going on in your tank. that way maybe you can see if something is picking at it, but unless the feather dusters "feathers" look frayed, its not getting nipped at.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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