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Endlers livebearers N-Class-no guppy genes- available in small and large numbers. I have Black Bars, Orchards and Flames available. All are nice fish and perfect for display or to start an Endler project. They don't eat fry, stay small and 6-8 adults will produce anough to fill a 20H in 6-8 months. Any sex ratios desired available.

Least Killies, they are actually livebearers, are one of if not the smallest aquarium fish out there. They are very peaceful and don't eat their fry. The females have one fry per day for a few days and then wait another 3-5 weeks and start over. They don't breed as fast as Endlers, but will fill a tank over time. If you have other livebearers, tetras, etc.. you will have a natural live food supply of Least Killie fry for them. You can actually house 3-4 females and one male in a half full 5 gal bucket with an airline and duckweed for a couple of months and should produce enough new females for an endless food supply once placed in a tank. The fry seem to be good at avaiding other hungry fish, so expect some to survive even if left with hungry tank mates.

Last, I have convicts black and pink.

I prefer not to ship, but may depending on what you need. I will let any of these fish go very cheap or consider trades. Interested in crayfish, shrimp, rainbow cichlids, corys, odd ball livebearers and who knows what else. You can P.M. me or email at [email protected] I am located in St. Louis MO-Go Cards!
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