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I have a few extra pure strain "Black Bar" Endlers. Endlers are very active and extremely hardy & tolerant of varying water conditions.

Contact / Info:
* Adult males & females available @ $5 each
* This strain has the brightest coloration I've seen as compared to national & local sellers. Pure Black Bar genes, not crossed with guppies.
* The minimum combined order is only $20 (+ shipping).
* Payment accepted by Paypal.
* Send email to: [email protected]

Shipping (USA only):
I'll ship Priority Class for $10. Shipping days: Monday & Tuesday. This avoids any chance of having the package get stuck at the post office over a weekend.

Endler Overview & History:
These are 100% pure strain "Black Bar" Endlers, one of the few original strains introduced into the hobby. They boast swirls of neon colored patches that pop out like jewels. Their unique coloration consists of vivid reds, greens, oranges, whites, and blues in endless color combinations. The "Black Bar" pure strain has a black bar on their flanks, allowing the other colors to really contrast and glow.
They are originally from the Northeastern part of Venezuela, South America, and were discovered in the late the late 1930's. They were later rediscovered by John Endler in 1975, and slowly introduced into the fish hobby. They are related to and resemble the common guppy. This little colorful fish is always active, very hardy and truly prolific. The Endler is still rare in the hobby but is gaining popularity due to its amazing colors and ease of care. Additional detailed Endler information can be found here:

Care level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Water conditions: 64-82F, PH 5.5 - 8.0 (very tolerant of changing aquarium conditions)
Max Size: 1" to 1.25"
Diet: Omnivore (flake, frozen, live, freeze dried, etc. They are not picky eaters)
Lifespan: Average 3 to 5 years
Reproduction: Very Easy. Gestation lasts 23 days, with 1-30 fry per birth. Become breeding adults with 30-60 days


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