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I might consider running an air stone or sponge filter at night when plant's are using oxygen.
Oxygen is often lower at the bottom of the tank than at the surface where exchange takes place and maybe the cory's are finding it in short supply of an evening.
Might also cease with blood worm's if they are being offered.More folk's are feeding these less now day's due to their poor nutritonal value (mostly water/moisture by content).
Might mix some ant parasite med's with fish food and garlic extract to form a paste.Then freeze the paste and offer only this food for three or four day's in small chunk's). May want to fast the fish for a couple day's before trying the medicated food.(so they are hungry)
Would lower temp slowly from 78 to 75 degree's F which will slow down any possible bacterial pathogen from spreading, as well as help with oxygen level's.
Might consider twice weekly water changes for a few week's as well.
Would rinse all new plant's under tapwater before placing them in the tank to hopefully remove any insecticides that some large grow facilities use on emersed plant's to prevent insect's from eating up the leaves on their plant's.
I'm no expert,,just offering some thing's I might try.
Hope you lose no more fishes.
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