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electric rams not getting along

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i have two electric blue rams. the problem is that larger one continuously harasses the other smaller one. it follows the small ram everywhere. the larger one is showing beautiful colors, while the one being chased is always so pale it looks completely white and spends most of its time hiding in plants. there are two open swimming spaces. will these two ever get along? is it normal? is there anything i can do to alleviate the aggression?

60 gallon tank - Stock:
2 electric blue rams
7 guppies
6 glofish
2 dwarf gouramis
5 cory cats
1 rainbow shark

readings as of this morning:
0 ammonia
0 nitrite
10 nitrate
7.0 ph
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They may be 2 males.. which could explain the issue.. or the size difference. I can't predict for you if it'll work out but I can say the stressed one will benefit from plenty of plants to hide in.

How long have you had them?

The 2 I have do "bicker" on occasion and certainly follow each other around but they've found peace.. after I returned the 3rd one. I have a male and female so that helps.. and they are the same size.. It is up to you if you want to wait out the size difference and see if that helps.
Have you tried to sex them yet?
Clear side views will help with sexing them.
I think the one at top is female.. bottoms a little harder to say but you may hav two females. unless that 2nd one is a young male that happens to not have too much in the way of defining male characteristics.

60g should be enough but you never know with cichlids..some just think they can run the show in any tank. If it were me...and assuming you've had them a while? then I'd try changing the scape and add more plants and hope for the best.. If you haven't had them a while.. perhaps return the little one(sad because it's prettier imo) and try another. look for a pointed dorsal fin and extended dorsal ray.. the 2nd black ray being clearly extended above the rest.. a more angled anal fin too. That would be a male.
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My guess is the meanie is a male and the one being chased is female.... my male chased the female for 2 days non stop then they mated peacefully... lol

We can't sex fish based on behavior ., there are done females that just happen to be really mean. I've found it not too uncommon with cichlids . Even my female electric blue ram was a relentless bully to the unsexed 3rd ram I returned .

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If the male wants to breed and female isnt ready, that is the result. Electric blues are hard to sex until they breed.

Harder to sex perhaps but I don't find it particularly hard IMO . I'm rather used to species of cichlids that coloration is virtually identical between male and female .. It's then going to be more then glancing at colors to sex. Often fin and body shapes. With electric blue rams I detailed above pretty clearly the defining features of a male. With a female her 2nd dorsal ray shouldn't be extended much if any about her other rays (the regular blue ones) .. Don't be confused by the first ray .. That most always be shorter both female and male. End of the dorsal fin is also more rounded of a point .. Often is the same with the anal fin.

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