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electric rams not getting along

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i have two electric blue rams. the problem is that larger one continuously harasses the other smaller one. it follows the small ram everywhere. the larger one is showing beautiful colors, while the one being chased is always so pale it looks completely white and spends most of its time hiding in plants. there are two open swimming spaces. will these two ever get along? is it normal? is there anything i can do to alleviate the aggression?

60 gallon tank - Stock:
2 electric blue rams
7 guppies
6 glofish
2 dwarf gouramis
5 cory cats
1 rainbow shark

readings as of this morning:
0 ammonia
0 nitrite
10 nitrate
7.0 ph
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I haven't tried to sex them. They came from my lfs as the same size and age. I will take some pics
the first pic is the meanie in the breeder box.
the second is the one who's been hiding, but started coloring up after i put the big one in the breeder box.


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The one has been being chased for about two weeks so I don't think it's that but thanks
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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