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Shipping Monday, OCT 7!!! These are going fast. Get your order in now for Tuesday delivery! 5280 ELectric Blue Rams is pleased to offer unsexed Electric Blue Rams. We only breed Electric Blues and have hand selected our breeding pairs. These fish are not Powder blue as many of this specimen are when they have not been line bred far enough.

These fish are 1 plus" and are just starting to show their color. Raised on Brine Shrimp and currently on flake.

8.50 per fish. 10 or more = 8.00 per fish. Cheaper than nearly every website and ALL fish stores. Contact me at 5280electricblueramsATgmailDOTcom for shipping costs. Tyically $27.00 for 1-6 fish...

The attachment is of the parents - notice the brightness - ACTUAL ELECTRIC - NOT POWDER BLUE - like others offered on this and other sites. Truly the best Electric Blues you can find!!

Call us at seven 2....0 ////two 1 nine... eight,,, 5,,, five... 0 with questions.

Payments will be made through paypal. LOCAL PICKUP OR DROP OFF (drop off - 10.50 per fish) available.


5280 Electric Blue Rams
Denver, CO 80249


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