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Electric Blue Crayfish with Three-Spot Gourami?

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So, I have a new baby Electric Blue crayfish, he's about two inches without his claws, maybe a tad bigger. He's in a planted twenty gallon tank with a nice cave and log, lots of java and willow moss to hide in too, and some ramshorn snails to snack on here and there. He is pretty happy in there. =)

In my 55 gallon tank I have a male and female pair of Three-Spot Gourami's with some livebearers and a young pleco. The female is gold, the male is blue...The male is always picking on the female, in non-mating ways and stressing her out and keeps nipping her. I wonder if it's the color difference even though they're the same species...but then I've never had any luck with male female pairs even of the same color. She's yet to take any real damage and I'd like to keep it that way, so I did already move her to keep her from getting too stressed. He's started attacking her during feeding now too and she's also gotten a tad skinny. I've been trying to find her a new home for a couple months now with no luck so far! He never stops pestering the poor girl. =(

So I was wondering...would she be ok in a 20 gallon with a crayfish? It'll just be them, and she's just past four inches or so. She's really sweet and peaceful and doesn't pick on anyone or anything, she's still nice and active and loooved that she finally got to eat without being picked on(usually I target feed her on the other side of the tank, but the male has gotten extra fierce lately...but refuses to chill out and try to be a proper breeding male, he treats her like another male and she's clearly not). It's just not working out with the male, and never has. I was initially hoping to breed them, but he never built a nest or tried, he just attacks her and she tries to flee and hide, so it's not fair to keep them together.

I am aware 20 gallons is a bit tight for a three-spot, it's the minimum tank size for one and I prefer to have them in 30+ gallon tanks. But if it's just her as the only fish, and a little crayfish...will it be ok for them? Or is there a risk my crayfish will try to eat her when bigger? I'm not worried in the least about her picking on him, she doesn't pick on anyone. If he is at risk of trying to eat her later, is it alright for a temporary until I can find her a nice home?
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This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the size of the fish and the crayfish. When they get hungry they will eat fish, and it's usually at night when you are not watching. It's happened to me before, so I don't keep them. It gets worse as they get bigger! As to the Gourami specifically, not sure. Mine occupy the upper range of the tank, but crayfish will climb plants looking for food. (yeah I really didn't answer your question)
I would say she'd be okay but there are a lot of factors in play here. It's going to be a judgement call on your part, really.
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