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Hello all!

I have an electric blue crawfish whom I have had for about four months now. She and I have gone through several molts together, but this time she did not eat for almost a week before the molt and has still not eaten since. It has been about a week since she has molted. I'm wondering if something's wrong? The water parameters all seemed fine, but my high pH test gave me an odd red color that would not match with any of the browns or purples on the kit. (I have attached a photo for reference).

The tank has also started to get dirtier as she isn't eating or wandering, and I'm doing weekly water changes to keep up with it, but it's not doing as much as I would like.

I use Nutrafin Cycle and I've recently purchased Nutrafin Waste Control, but I'm hesitant to use it because of ammonia spikes. My crawfish is in a ten gallon aquarium which usually stays at about 75 degrees.

Any advice on how to proceed? I'm quite lost at this point.


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