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I think this tank is about 50 gallon, my boss was going on holiday and couldn't find anyone to feed his fish, so gave the lot to me (inc. 2 Cory cats and 3 tetras).

I have three tanks at the moment, this one containing:
3 Sword tails
3 Colombian tetras
10 Neon tetras
5 Zebra Danios
2 Plecs
2 Cory cats
2 Sucking loaches
2 Golden Mussels
2 Ghost shrimp (1 is MIA)
£12 worth of eBay plants

A 15 gallon one with:
3 Red eye tetras
5 Head and Tail Light Tetra
5 Glass tetras
4 Cory cats
(these will end up in the big tank eventually)

And a 35 gallon tank for my four 12 year old+ gold fish and Koi (given to me by my boss 11 years ago when he filled in his pond). With the gold fish are 2 Giant Swan mussels.

The gold fish are in a large plastic tub at the moment while I fix their tank. I had sand in the gold fish tank, but the vibration from the air driven filter on the sand has worn into the glass. Luckily this was a well made tank and the glass is almost twice as thick as the other tanks. I'll not be using sand again.

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Its one of those corner units. It is bigger than it looks. I'm tall with long arms, when stand in front of it I can just reach the back.

I have only had this tank set up just over two weeks, so I probably put too many fish in too quick. Up to now all fish are healthy and only one shrimp is unaccounted for. The zebra danios are a little more aggressive than ones I have had in the past and I think they are responsible for the male sword tail having a few nips. Its fun watching them scatter the shoal of neon's though.

I got carried away with the plants :wink:

This week end I could do with moving the castle back further and adding some more gravel, which I'll do just before a water change. I also need some more weights for the plants, the plecs just up-rooted a couple.

I have bought an automatic brine shrimp hatchery, so, once I find the valves for the air line, I can get that going too.

I've also been thinking of dividing up the 3ft tank into three sections, two sections for aggressive fish (eg, puffers) and an isolated section for new or sick fish or even fry, but I think the 2ft tank is just too small for the gold fish. Maybe its time to dig a new pond.
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