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This is my fisrt post, and it is a thank you post...

My brother got rid of his 55g setup and offered me to take it, wich i did... And what a good idea it was :-D

Its a 55long, with a fluval 303 canister... Old but efficient! Came with heater, substrat, lighting and hood, and 3 piece of amazon driftwood. And oh yeah, plenny of flakes, pellets, bloodworms, brine shrimps eggs, activated carbon, master test kit and all the bells and whissle :-D

So here it comes;
Thanks to all who posted pictures.... This helped me alot. Gave me great ideas!
Thanks to all who posted cycling and maintnance threads.
Thanks to Byron for all those great articles about fishs, plants, habitat and compatibility...

Reading through all those post and searching every aspect of fishkeeping on this forum made setup way easier and most importantly, with only one casualty. One neon tetra out of 5 left of the original setup.

I bought a bunch of plants and planted it right away, and use the same uncleaned substrat... Unfortunatly my brother cleaned the filter element in tap water so it did went through a heavy cycling which i kept a close attention to.
I managed to keep it under controle because of all of you guys :)

The tanks now roars like my panther cat ;-) and fishs in it are thriving.
6 platy and 6 platy fry
9 neon tetra
1 chinese algea eater. 4in long. He got use to companionship now but for the first week or so, he was quite something! If he gets to aggresive as he mature, i have a home for him elsewhere. So far so good. I LOVE that guy !

The tank is not loaded as you see and im still learning the ins and outs and planning on getting fishs soon.
Was thinking of a few corys but the cae might not appreciate their presence.
By the time im ready for new fish, my platy will most likely give me a few freebies to awake the aquarium a bit :)

Here are a few pics.

Freshwater aquarium Aquarium decor Aquarium Aquatic plant Apple pie

Freshwater aquarium Aquarium Aquarium decor Aquatic plant Organism

Freshwater aquarium Aquarium Aquarium decor Aquatic plant Plant

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Welcome to TFK!

Always nice to hear a success story.

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Welcome Encountr! I love this forum for exactly all the reasons you have said. So much research went into setting up my tank and 99% of it came from here :) The few questions I've asked have been answered quickly, with care and concern, and I've found everyone really easy to talk to :-D

Your tank looks great!
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Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum. And thanks for the kind words not only to me but all our other members. There is a lot of collective knowledge here.

You never stop learning.:)


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I only wish my first tank decades ago lookd half that good.

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