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Dwarf gourami and Dwarf Honey gourami

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Just purchased 2 female dwarf honey gouramis. It was indicated at the shop that they were dwarf gouramis but they looked different to what I thought they should as some had a distinct black line across the length of the females body. From reading around on the internet I have found out dwarf honey gouramis aren't actually true dwarf gouramis. Breeding wasn't an issue so I'm not too fussed but will my 1 male powder blue dwarf gourami still enjoy the female company and will they get along OK as they are still gourami?

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And they can grow up to 3"! My blue DG is only 1.5" Considering on returning to the store now.
The fish with the horizontal line are probably female Honey Gourami. The Honey Gourami and the Dwarf Gourami are two distinct species, both are in our profiles, click for the data:

The Honey Gourami attains about 2 inches, the Dwarf around 3 inches. As for whether they will "get along," they may or may not. The male in all gourami species is territorial to some degree. In a tank with sufficient space, and lots of plants for cover, females are usually able to stay out of the male's way. Individual fish can be contrary to the expected, of course.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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