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Hey guys,

This is the first time I am doing it (I'm just being honest) and I am selling dry Indian Almond leaves where I collected and pick them up from where I live nearby.


These dry Indian Almond / Catappa / Ketapang leaves are picked personally by me. I don't pluck them while they are still attached to their branches. I only collect those that were fallen to the ground and of the best quality. The good thing is - they are shipped from Malaysia (one of the IALs origin countries) and don't worry, I'll only ship the fresh dry leaves to you as I am able to tell which are the fresh ones and which are not.

They come in different sizes, though. The large ones can go up to 20cm long. If you only want the large ones, then I can collect those for you as well.

Packages Available

Package #1: 50 gram of Dry Indian Almond Leaves for $6.

Package #2: 100 gram of Dry Indian Almond Leaves for $9.95.


They will be packed in a bubble-wrapped envelope. Unless you want them in a box (so that they don't crack), then let me know and I'll get the re-quote the price for you as it will be slightly more expensive.


Shipping fee will cost $8 for each of the 2 packages. If you want to order more, I will custom make an order for you and quote you accordingly.


All packages will be delivered via normal mail. It is going to take about 10 days. If you live outside the major cities, it is going to take another day or two to arrive. Also, if your country is stricter in custom check, then it is going to be slightly late in arrival.

Payment Method

Currently, I accept PayPal and Credit Card (also via PayPal). I'll provide you the link through PM and get a bit more personal with you. :lol::lol:

Thank you for reading!

Clement Chee

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