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Drilling to be "Reef Ready"

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Hi all, I have a question I assume can be answered rather quickly. I recently picked up a 46 gallon bowfront w/ stand for free and after many hours of work resealing the tank and customizing the stand to my liking I found that i would have the best time drilling it to be "Reef Ready" so to speak. The bottom of the tank IS tempered so I can't drill that but the side panels are not tempered, at least according to the stickers left on by the manufacturer.
I personally don't have any experience drilling glass but my dad does and he would have no problem drilling it for me to help out, but I am curious about how we should drill it. By this I mean where the holes should be as well as size. Do I merely need a hole at the bottom of the back panel where I can attach an overflow in front of and then silicone an overflow in, or is it more involved?
This is my first time attempting to truly customize a tank as well as my first marine tank but I want to ensure everything is done as close to perfect as possible. :laugh:
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Do your research first on what type of overflow you want. There are a bunch of different ways to do this. My recommendation would be to go with a low profile overflow box, something like the modular marine or stealthboxes. For these, the holes are drilled up high, but you definitely want to have the overflow box in hand before you start as you need it to set your water height and hole spacing.

I'd also highly recommend looking into the 3 standpipe "beananimal" overflow styles. I cant stand aquarium noise, and these can be tuned to be almost silent and have a couple fail-safes in case of pluggage.
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