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Driftwood help please?

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I was looking into getting a piece of driftwood to stick in my 10 gallon that I could stick some java fern on (the java fern would come from a LFS) but while looking around for appropriate driftwood to go in my tank, none of the pieces in the store were all that great looking, and they want ridiculous prices for them! 40 bucks for a roughly 12 inch long piece of driftwood?!

Now I live very close to the ocean (literally, I walk a block down to the end of my street, and I'm there) and we get driftwood that washes up on our sand fairly often.

What is the difference between driftwood that can be bought in an LFS compared to the stuff I could just go pick up off the beach for free? Is there a difference?

Is there any reason I shouldn't go find some driftwood of my own from the beach?

If I get driftwood from the beach, what methods/precautions should I take to make sure the wood is safe for tank use? Should I boil it? Bake it? Is there something I should put on it? I mean, what do the LFS do to make their driftwood 'ready for aquarium use' that a piece of driftwood I pluck off the beach doesn't already have?
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Just choose pieces that you feel best about. There really is no 100% guarantee, but buying from a store that keeps theirs in tanks or storage bins will give you the best chance. My advice is no matter what wood you get, rinse it thoroughly, let it air dry, then bake it at 350 degrees for 30-45 mintues depending on the thickness of the wood. The reason you bake instead of boil is heat the wood to a higher temperature to kill anything that may be able to survive boiling temps.
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