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Does My Goldfish Have Eggs Or Dropsy?

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I was watching my goldfish one day and my Red Ryukin "Thomas" looked odd. I looked more carefully and saw that his belly was slightly swollen, I was a little alarmed and started researching. He didn't seem to have any of the symptoms of dropsy but then I considered that my so called boy fish could be a girl. If my fish does have eggs what do I do?

I have a male goldfish in there and yes I am sure it is a male because it has white tubercles on its gills.

P.S., P.S.
OMG, My other fish Newton has the same thing!:shock:

(Newton is the Calico Ryukin and Thomas is the Red Ryukin)


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You need a shot from the side and one from slightly below if you can get it. I can't tell. They look like chubby little fancies from here except your calico one looks a bit off...though it's so smeared it's impossible to tell. Can't see the bellies from the right angle to tell you anything else. =)
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