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Do you need plants?

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FIRED UP AQUATICS, <---- one stop shop for all the plants you need

My bro n law and wifey's cousin run it, over 50 different plants in the store. Now offering manzanita wood packages also and continuing to grow the product list every day. These are a couple of my personal tanks, all plants seen are from Fired Up Aquatics.

Here are their youtube channels also if you'd like to see some of their personal tanks. Great guys with great plants, check em out!!

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very pretty tanks with healthy plants.
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Glad you posted this, wish I could have found it earlier. Checking out their site now to find something easier to grow in my tanks.
Thanks Sandy. Right on for checkin it out CM, good luck finding some stuff for your tanks!
gonna buy some plants, thanks for the post.

P.S. your tank looks great!
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No problem!

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