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Do u think this Fish tank is safe?

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Hi. I just got a 40-45? gal fish tank. It is used and the black stripping or border has been peeled off the bottom of the tank. I have had it full on the bathroom floor for 24 hours and i just noticed the middle of the tank is protruding... The measurements(looking straight down thru the top) are 12in Wide at the sides and 13 1/4in Wide at the middle. I am wondering if thats normal or someday the water and pressure would be too much and the tank would explode.. Any Help would be Great, even if it's just ur opinion!!! Thanks
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What is the thickness of the glass? Can't understand your post re the dimensions of the tank. Try to post the length, width and height in terms of centimeters.:mrgreen:

Without the brace in the middle of the tank, the glass will certainly protrude and with that straining the glass, your tank is liable to leak once filled with water.

Pics of your tank will help us provide you more details how to prevent any tank leakage.:)

Fish tank is 91.5 cm in length
61 cm in height
32cm wide
and where the tank is stretching out 33.5 cm wide
Thickness of the glass... 0.5 cm
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Your tank is 45 gallons.

My conclusions:
First pic indeed shows sagging of middle glass. You'll need to place a glass between the glass at the back and the front to serve as a brace thus preventing the sagging of the tank.

Take a look at the picture which shows my tank.:) As you notice, there is a glass in the middle. That prevents sagging of the middle glass.

Not sure what to say about the bottom peeled off. Is it the frame?:squint: If so, the frame is not that relevant.
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Did someone say Titanic? :lol:
The tank could be a herp tank and not meant to be used as an aquarium. Many herp tanks may have the same dimensions as a fish tank but glass thickness is thinner. Do not fill to capacity. Nothing worse than to have to clean up water and find new homes for displaced fish because of a tank "blowing out".
if it was mine i would be worried to use it
id give it a wide berth it could break up with water in it its either a very cheaply built tank or a tank thats had the bars removed even herp tanks have a degree of reinforcement
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