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If you don't have a planted tank there is noting wrong with using it. The carbon works to remove odors and any chemicals that might be in the water that don't belong there. The problem with carbon is that it is only effective for 1-4 weeks and needs to be replaced. If the cost is not a factor then use it, it can help to keep your tank clean and clear. If you don't want to hastle with it then don't, it really isn't needed.

As stated before, the only time you "need" to use it after you have finished a medication dosing. Even then it isn't "needed" as I have treated with Coppersafe for Ich before and I have never used Carbon to remove it, I simply did 3 50% water changes the week that I finished with the meds and never had a problem.

Is all a matter of preference and convenience really, not much more. Like some poeple will use 10 different filter media in a canister where some use 2 and they both have tanks that can look exactly the same.

As for the HITH rumors, old carbon that has started to break down has been found to cause it so leaving it in the tank for really long periods of time is not a good idea. Once the carbon reaches a capacity point and starts to break down it actually releases the dangerous things it removed back into the water and causes all kinds of potential headaches.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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