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DIY planted nano shrimp tank?

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I have two RCS in my 10-gallon with rasboras and snails. I'd love to get some more shrimp and house them together in a planted nano tank.

I frequent thrift stores, and I can't help but notice the abundance of glass vases and cookie jars and the like. Could I use one to house shrimp? With the proper lighting for the plants? What kind of lamp do I need, and what kind of bulb?

Does one do WCs with shrimp? How is that managed?

Thank you! :) I love to learn.
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Yes it is quite possible, I've seen tons of really well planted vases
Make sure its just glass though, with no glitter or anything that could possibly leech into the tank

For a bulb, you can get a 6500k bulb and stick it in a lamp and hover it over the top
Itll be low light but you should be able to grow a bit with it since itll be close

Water changes should be done and should be small and frequent rather than large and every now and then. The key to shrimp is stability
The bigger the bowl the better as well, aim for one with a wide mouth for better aeration and to make it easier on you when you trim/do maintenance

If you go this route, make sure you have a floating plant to discourage jumping
Thank you!! I will look into it.

What kind of plants do shrimp like?
Moss is a favorite. Mine also really like broad leafed plants (anubias and java fern would be great, they do well in low light.)

I'd also add like a branchy driftwood (Manzanita comes to mind) or use pesticide free dead, dry twigs from a hardwood tree (oak, beech) that is stripped of bark. Mine love climbing up and down the ones in my tank.

Mine also love duckweed, and the roots from floating plants, especially water sprite.
My shrimp in their 2g planted tank love their java moss carpet and moss ball--those grow fine in low light--and are beloved by shrimp. I know java ferns, anubius and banana plants also do fine in low light--don't know how shrimp feel about those plants haha. I use black aquasoil as substrate--can't remember why but aquasoil seems to be always used in shrimp tanks and black really makes the bright colors pop.

Edit: I do one ~20% partial change per week. (I think between 10-30% is recommended.) The shrimp don't produce that much waste and most of it gets used up by the plants so it's not a problem. I know some people do something like two 10% changes per week.


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Oh and yes, WCs are the same as with fish. The fish will swim away if they feel that the hose is sucking them up, and they're powerful swimmers. If you're really worried about it you can tie some fishnet around the intake so they can't get sucked up (nothing too fine, or you won't get the debris in the bottom of the tank!). I also just move it slowly to give them a chance to move.

If you plan on having a filter for the tank, make sure to put a sponge over the intake (unless you use a sponge filter, haha!)
Are cherry shrimp filter feeders? Do I need a filter for them? Also, do they need heaters?
No, they aren't filter feeders. They feed on microscopic food in the aquarium, like algae. They'll literally eat practically anything, they graze all day long, walking around the aquarium using their front legs to pick at food. Mine even steal bloodworms, and fight my fish away from pellets!

Sometimes if I'm doing tank maintenance I'll even have a few start picking at my hands. Definitely an odd sensation, haha.

As to filter...I think that's up to you and your aesthetics. If you can fit it, the Azoo Palm Filter would be great, or else you can use a small sponge filter. You could probably go without if you use a lot of plants and include a few floaters and allow the plants to get established/growing well before introducing shrimp. They just really need stable and safe parameters, from my experience.

Um, it depends on how cold the water gets. If your water gets to below 73 without a heater I would say yes. I keep mine in a heater-less 38 gallon, but the water never dips below 72-73 on the coldest days.
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Wait, you shouldnt gravel vacuum, so I have heard. I get scared, you could suck up the babies. :\

Am I wrong? Or is there a way to clean it up?
sorry to bring up an old post but I was wondering what you do when the RCS reproduce so much and overpopulate a little 2gal tank?

I ask because I had 2 RCS turn into about a hundred in my 10gal...
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