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i recently read a few articles about what my yellow labs eat in their diet so thought id give it ago myself..i got the ingredients i needed and did the following....

few cuts off fresh brocoli
few garden peas
few leaves of spinach
half a clove of garlic
few peices of fresh kale (curly lettuce family)
and little brine shrimp

rough chopped all the veg and garlic,,gently and slowly brought it to the boil in pan to kill any parasites,took out of pan and put in blender,added half a cube of brine shrimp and some warm boiled kettle water and blended it all together until it made a sort of soup resemblence,,then pored it into a plastic food container and put in freezer...done!! i now take a small cube out every other day and let thaw a little then plop in the tank and they go crazy for it and seems to help with one day they get steveysquish"s special veg then the next day they get a little malawi flake and a few micro pellets..then on a weekend they get some pure brine shrimp on sunday evenings...if anyone has any other ideas or food lists that i can feed please let me i dont overfeed them,i feed in small proportions.

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order some chlorella and spirulina (algaes) in powder form and add to the mix. Personally id not boil at all. Blend it but don't boil.. just wash . Boiling removed a lot of nutrients. Too, I'm unsure of spinach and Kale ...I know the two of those have bad calcium/ phosphorus ratios.. which honestly I'm not sure is a big deal with fish but I'd play it safe and switch.. mustard greens..turnip greens, collard greens endive, green leaf lettuce, and dandelion greens all have good phosphorus /calcium ratios..with dandelion greens having probably the best benefits..full of vitamins that are great for fish and humans alike.

You could add a bit of krill, or mysis shrimp and put it in your food. They can handle those well.. freeze in a mini ice cube tray then serving would be easy.
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