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so i brought 4 discus in from Craigslist 1 had a white eye infection so i treated with formalin and heavy water changes. It eventually disapeared for all of them except for 1 discus. its about 5 inches and perfectly healthy except for the fact that its appetite is 20% of the other fish. it barely eats i even separated it into a 20 gallon Indian almond leaf quarantine tank and force fed it till its appetite improved . Now i put it back into my main discus tank and it has a tiny tiny white spot on its eye that wouldn't leave for months... i cannot get rid of the white speck and it does not affect any of my other fish. its been in the same tank for weeks. what could it be ill post pics soon. makes me want to surgically remove it so annoying.
i have gone above and beyond for this fish and i feel bad for it. but if formalin isnt working and melafix and pimafix wont work. then i dont have a clue . let nature take its course?

ps: its been alive with me for 5 months
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