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I have recently(as in the past 1 month) found these beatiful fish. ;D Well ever since, i have decided that i will get discus. But, i still need to learn a lot and i have a few ?'s.
So to tell you a little bit about what my tank will have
-dont know the size but i do know it will be over 55 gallons.
-will be bare-bottommed
-will have potted plants
-will be syphoned whenever there is a lot of waste on the bottom
-will be changed 15% every other day and will be 35-50% changed every week.
-will have a lot of airation(cant spell xD) but will be on only in the night by using a timer
-will have a diy co2 system(s)
-will hold about 8 discus(a little over populated) per 50 gallons(willing to take the extra time to do more matience)
-will have discus and only discus in the tank
-tank will be kept at 85-86 degrees
-Will have one JUMBO sponge filter in it powered by a powerhead

Now my questions are...
-Should i do a 30 or a 50% water change weekly?
-What kind of mechanical filter should i use(trying to stay away from canisters and sumps)
-Should i also add some artificial plants to the tank so they will have places to hide?
-How often should i feed my discus(will have a variety of different strains and sizes)
-Do you have any tips on keeping discus?
-What are the main diseases except Hexamita that affect discus?
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