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As the title suggests, my Bacopa Monniera (not entirely sure on its exact name) and Amazon Sword have some brown discolouration on some of their leaves and I'm not entirely sure why. I've attached a couple of photos although it's not very clear in the photo of the sword.

These plants are in a 40 litre tank in pretty hard water (My pH is around 8.0-8.2). I've been dosing EasyLife's liquid CO2 every morning for about a month now, and this has helped a lot with keeping the plants alive. The lights in the tank are on for around 13 hours a day. My Bacopa has lost a lot of leaves towards the bottom of the plant, and at the top they just don't look as healthy as they should be. However, it is still growing and has got a lot taller since I bought it last month. I'm not regularly dosing any other fertiliser at the moment but I've just bought a bottle of EasyLife's ProFito fertiliser in case this is the solution to this problem.

So, does anyone have any advice as to what the cause of this brown discolouration could be. Lack of nutrients? Too much light?

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