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Dirt tank concerned with my play sand cap.

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So my tank has 1-1.5" of aquarium soil along with a 0.5" silver (play) sand cap. It has MTS digging around. I'm concerned that I've gone the wrong way with the sand and that it will compress closing off the dirt to O2. However this might only be in regards to sand caps more than 1". I only have small fish in ATM so it might be easier to sort it out now.

Plants seem to be doing okay after 1 month and I don't have dirt breaking the cap even when I've pulled out a couple of plants. Am I worrying over nothing.

So should I just leave it and see?
Should I vac up a bit of the sand to have the minimum cap?
Should I strip it down and start again with gravel cap?
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leave it. i have the same thing in one of my tanks.i havent had problems. roots will bring o2 into the substrate same for the mts. if you are worried you could always poke around it when doing water changes.
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oh wait is that the super fine sand?
Yeah it is very fine sand, it was washed a dozen times get rid of the really fine stuff.
I agree with rexpepper. It will be fine. When I had my soil tanks I always had about an inch of sand on top of it. Never any issues with it.
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Thanks I'll keep it the way it is and keep an eye on it. How will I know if its gone bad? Mass die off?

I'm going to keeping stock as it is as it will be a lot easier to change if it does go bad. Any idea what the safe time frame would be? Extra stocking is only going to be three honey gourami and was hoping to wait another 2 months before adding them anyways.
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