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Hello! I recently just got into wanting to breed guppy’s and previously did extensive research and knew that I needed 2-3 females for every male. Unfortunately, all of the Pet stores have been sold out ever since I bought a male endler guppy and then drove an hour hoping to get some females at another pet store telling me they had full stock, but when I got there they only had 1 female left. I ended up buying her just because I didn’t want to make the drive for nothing. Ever since then I had her in another than and my endler tiger male guppy in the 10 gallon community tank I’ve set up. Yesterday my mom went to Pet Club and they even though they aren’t technically selling non-feeder fish, the guy let her purchase 4 and he swore that he knew the difference between male and female and said he gave her 3 female and 1 male, these 4 fish(shown in pics). I’m pretty sure he instead ended up giving her 4 males. Are these all males shown in the pics? My mom was also really excited because the bluish orange one looks to have a cool split tail but now I’m staring to wonder if his tail is even suppose to be like that? Is his tail like that because that’s his genetics or breed or is it because of something else? Thank you for reading this I’d love any answers ASAP!
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