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Did my dad kill my tank plans?

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I finally got my 50 gallon set up and yesterday was 5 days in to a fish in cycle with 10 Otos and a few Nerite Snails using Stress Coat+ and Mardel Aquarium Products Freshwater Biozyme to keep it safe for the fish. Well I was gone Saturday and Sunday for Warped Tour and I walked in the house at midnight last night and he's added new fish because he was bored with the little Otos just sitting around on the glass.

There's a Buenos Aires Tetra, a Dwarf Goruami, and a White Skirt Tetra.

I wanted to have the Otos, some Silvertip Tetras, Platys, and a couple Pearl Gouramis. I could do 3 or 4 more Buenos Aires instead of the 10 Silvertips since they are bigger and let the White Skirt school with them but I really wanted those Pearl Gouramis. Could I still have them with the Dwarf in there?
I do have a 10 gallon I could put the Dwarf Gourami in with some Corydoras or something if I have to take him out of the tank.
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You could always take them back to the lfs and get store credit, or swap for the fish you want. Then give your dad a stern telling off and a slapped wrist!
Baha he got the schooling fish lecture last night but I'm understanding of him not knowing any better and I think the girl who isn't so fish savvy was working yesterday, we have a guy who usually works that would have told him he needed more than one of each.

I haven't been able to find a locally owned fish store here that isn't specifically saltwater. These guys came from petsmart and he tossed the receipt. The best I can hope for is that maybe they'll switch one out for the other so I can have all White Skirts since I like them better lol
I texted him and asked if he wanted more White Skirts or more Buenos Aires and we can go get them when he gets home since I don't really mind the change in Tetras if he wants them since the tank is in his house

I'm not getting the Pearls for like another month or so, so I have time to get out my 10 gallon and get it going for the Dwarf I like Dwarfs they were what got me into Gouramis I just didn't have any planned for this tank
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Id get very annoyed if someone added fish i didnt want to my tanks, no compromise from me!! But the fortunate thing is theres only me at home hehe.
I was ticked last night but I kept reminding myself that at least he remembered to ask for community fish and I didn't come home to sharks or chilids or even goldfish.
Very lucky then
Oh good lord he came home with three of each kind including the Gouramis. I guess I'll take some back to the store while he's at work tomorrow and tell him they got territorial and died or something.

The two kinds of Tetras are schooling together so I guess I'll decide tomorrow what to do with them. The Buenos Aries he brought home seem huge and I was pretty sure the one was full grown so I'm going to try and get it down to the White Skirts.

I love my Dad but he needs to take me with him when he goes for fish.
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haha whats coming home tomorrow tho? put a padlock on the hood!
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Tomorrow is the shipment from liveaquaria of my Platys and Black Neons that was supposed to be the only thing besides the Otos for another month or so.

I'll just return two of the Gouramis, keeping the two least territorial ones, and the Buenos Aries tomorrow while the liveaquaria fish are floating in their bags and tell him no more. I was in the garage and saw what I'm pretty sure was a 30 gallon so I'll set it up with a lot of plants and the two Gouramis and that will be his tank to take care of and keep him busy so he'll leave mine alone.

I would be afraid if he wasn't going with me to move that last of my furniture from Georgia.
have you explained to him that the quickest way to kill fish other than feeding them to much is to cycle a new tank with all the tank inhabadents in it. It can take up to 3 months for a tank to be ready- personally I would have gone the zebra danio rote first then taken out the fish and put in the intended fish. ;-) get some cycle bacteria and return the new fish if possible. explain to him that its your tank.
He knows zilch about fish except that they swim and have to be fed every day.

I wouldn't have had anywhere for the Danios to go after the cycle that's why I started with the Otos and the snail and have been working my way up. I'm pretty sure that Biozyme is cycle bacteria at least that's what I bought it for.
Aquarium Products Freshwater Biozyme at PETCO
The directions are 1/8th of a teaspoon per 25 gallons for 7 days and we are on day 6 now. I started it the day before I put the fish in.

I'll just return two of the gouramis and the buenos aires and get two more of the white skirts so they have a school of six
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So the liveaquaria fish came and about half of the pineapple platys are sword tails, one looks like it's a cross or something it's only got a stubby rounded sword, and none of them look anything at all like the picture.
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