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Hi all, I was talking with a friend about stocking and he raised a question I couldn't answer 100% accurately.

Okay, so lets say an Oscar needs 55 gallons. If you want two, maybe go with 75-90 gallons. Those gallons that are used for these fish, are those gallons effectively deducted from the stocking abilities of the tank?

Meaning, let's go with a 55 gallon tank for an oscar, is that tank done completely or is it okay to add a fish that needs 20 gallons for their needs. I'm not needing exact numbers for this hypothetical tank, but how do you determine how to stock it if it is a large number and you've met the needs of those fish, but would like to add more without overstocking. How do the numbers break down? I know some fish may need 20 gallons, but if it is a large you take off the full 20 gallons for that fish, or will they be okay only deducting 10 gallons since they have room to hide and swim around, and their environment is manageable.
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