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I would advise you to wait until your tank is fully cycled before adding any fish. This usually means giving all your fish back and starting over from scratch, or keeping a SMALL number of what you have, and working from there, hoping that they survive the cycling process. If you start over, I would suggest you get some guppies or zebra danios, they are really hardy fish...and I only mean get 2 or 3 of one, not each.

Do you have a test kit for Nitrite and Nitrate? It is important to have one. When the tank is cycling your fish give off ammonia as waste, and that's when the first string of bacteria begin to form. This bacteria then converts the waste into nitrites which is less harmful, but still toxic to the fish. Finally the nitrite is converted into nitrate, and this you want to keep under 40. Get a liquid test kit over the strips, they are more accurate. Test often, like before each water change, so you know what is going on in the tank. It is key to test frequently during the cycling process of your tank. You will know when it is about finished cycling when your Ammonia are 0, Nitrites are 0, and Nitrates are under 40.

You seem to only be doing water changes when something happens in your tank. They should be routine, and I cannot stress that enough. Take out on avergae 10-20 percent weekly, or 25% every couple weeks. This will ensure high water quality. Don't forget to vacuume the gravel too. How much are you changing?

Are you dechlorinating your water before you add it to the tank? This is also a very important thing to do. You can buy products like Tetra Aquasafe that work great.
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