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Too many fish from the get-go. Almost all newbies do that. (not using the term in a derogatory manor)

You need to put one or two hardy fish in and after about two months you can start to slowly stock the tank. Putting too many fish in at once throws a huge bioload at your bacteria, which is extremely bad when there is no bacteria.

Search for a guide to properly cycling your tank.

I believe there is one stickied in this forum.

At this point you should take some of the fish back to your LFS (local fish store). I'm not the best person to advise on which fish you should keep, but I do know that there are too many. I'm not sure if crustaceans are as susceptible to ammonia and nitrite as fish, but pending the further advice of others I'd think (in my uneducated opinion) you could keep them in there.
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