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I have a few items I'd love to see in my tank, but they aren't meant for a fish tank. I know some items aren't able to be submerged in the water without releasing bits and pieces of destructive toxins--but is there anyway to put a clear coat or a cleanser on something to make it acceptable? Ideally, I have a metal statue that would be great in the tank.
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i know that you can polyurethane some woods to keep them from leaking tannins and other chemicals...but the only thing i've ever heard about metal is to keep it as far away from the tank as possible...this is why none of the tank supplies are made from metal..but maybe someone else has a suggestion...=)

I'm sure there are plenty of other neat things to put in, i'll play it safe on the metal decoration. Appreciate your feedback, girlofgod!
its a good idea not to put anything in your tank that wasnt manufactured especially for tanks....safer that way.

Metals aren't suitable as previously mentioned.

They can corrode in the tank releasing toxic substances which will kill your fish.
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What about typical glass ornaments, for example...if I were to get a lawn ornament, is there anything I can put on it to make it suitable?

Also, what about those generic cyramics that they sell for people to paint. Are there special paints I can buy in order to make it safe for the fish?
There are ceramics which are ok in the tank but some contain calcerous substances which will increase the pH level.
Glass ornaments are fine.
And no, painted decors should not be used in the tank as the paints will easily come off and contaminate the tank.

But those things are unnatural in the tank.:eek:mg:

I'd settle with rocks, bogwoods(should be boiled to leach out tannins which will reduce the pH level) and live plants(on 2nd thought, your fish will eat them:squint: ) instead.

By the way, on the issue of your fish, you'll need a 100 gallons to accommodate them. Oscars are fast growers and will reach 12 inches potential size. If your plec is a common plec(Hypostomus plecostomus), then it will also outgrow your tank by 14 inches.
And so will the blood parrots and goldfish when they reach 8 inches.

I'd say you return them to the lfs and get small shoaling fish instead. Harlequin rasboras(Rasbora heteromorpha) are ok in your tank. 15 will fit in the tank. For bottom, get an ancistrus(bristlenose) to replace your plec(if it was really a common plec).
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i have got a real cool metal looking pipe in my tank.
i got it at the local fish shop, almost looks like its come off of an old shop reck!!!
it looks ace and iv got my bubbles underneath so the come out of the pipe, the fish love it, they have 5 ways they can get in and ou of it and the small fish love it when the bubbles are on. it was only bout £8 and it is the best thing iv got so far.
praps you could get something like that?
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