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Dear bettas:

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I put you in together and you didn't get along. Then I froze you both to death that night it got down to 55 or so degrees last week. Sorry about that. I didn't realize you really required a heater. I didn't think it would get that cold in August. I intended to make your life better by getting you out of little cups. It felt colder in walmart and petco than it did in my house, I never even considered that it would be a problem. I should have googled that first. It's been a really cold summer. I'm sorry I didn't do better for you.


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As long as we all learn from each mistake and fish death... then your post is a good thing. Even the memorials get read by members and your experience will help them too.

Yes a heater... yes separate tanks for each. But one thing I DO know... is that during the time you cared for them... they were better off than in the tiny cups.

Please try again sometime! Get a thermometer with that heater tho! I could write pages and pages about the mistakes I've made!

So sorry for the hard lessons and your loss!
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