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I set up a small "Opae Ula" brackish water aquarium a little over a month ago.
I put crushed coral and shell substrate in it along with some fossils I have had for years.
But I had a small piece of brain coral. The coral was bleached white.
I have had it since the 80's as part of my tiny shell collection.
I think I bought it from a shell shop on Galveston Beach.
Anyway, It has started to turn purple. It is obvious that is it some form of algae or something.
I think it must have been on the coral since none of the other rocks are turning purple.
It has been out of water in a box or on a shelf in our bathroom for over 30 years.
Has anybody experienced anything like this?
What is it?

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Here is a picture I took today.

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Here is a picture I took a month ago.
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