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(Stolen from Bert's thread).

The way this works is that when a person has a coral that has gotten to large and needs trimmed or the coral has replicated itself to the point that the colony needs thinned down they may post the frag\coral they wish to share in a DBTC thread.The coral then is offered up to a fellow reefer BUT the recipient,once the coral has grown to a fraggable size,must offer up the first 2 frags of the coral to fellow hobbyists that in turn must REPEAT the DBTC Process. This method works best in local communities to distribute the coral species but I have seen it work in situations that involve shipping from state to state as well and see no reason it should be discouraged to do the same here.
I bought these as one of the first additions to my saltwater aquarium and they have really taken off, they are fast growing and very hardy; It's a great coral for DBTC because it can be distributed quickly and it's a pretty awesome coral to look at!

DBTC rules:

Don't be greedy and don't sell/trade the frag, please share with your fellow reefers to encourage more of these;


These will do fine under a variety of lighting, I originally had these corals under PC lighting and then moved them over to a T5 Quad (96W) fixture and they are now under a 216W (2x 10k 2x actinic) (Quad) fixture.

You will receive a frag with 2-4 polyps on it.

Shipping --

The person who wants the coral will need to pay for the shipping costs, I can ship it any method you prefer, if you prefer more expensive overnight shipping then it can be arranged; or we can ship it via USPS.
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