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Family: Cichlidae

Origin: Lake Malawi

Compatibility/Temperament: Mildly Aggressive
It should be noted that some regional variations of Afra are aggressive, while not common in the aquarium trade, they do appear.
Aggressive variants include : Cynotilapia sp. "hara" (White top variant), Cynotilapia afra (Msobo), Cynotilapia sp. "Lion" (Magunga)
Cichlid pellets and high quality Spirulina containing flake food.

Fry size is small and adult size is Maximum 4-5" (10-12cm)

Minimum Tank Suggestion

Ideal water parameters
Hard with a pH of around 7.5-9 Temperature around 73-81F

Males will claim a territory, structure such as a cave or rock outlet will be used as the spawning site. Males will circle the female, she will deposit the eggs on the substrate / rock, the male will fertilize them and then the female will take them into her Bucchal cavity in her throat.

Males can be quite aggressive during spawning and as such should be kept in a group of 1 Male to 4 females. Lake Malawi being a sandy bottom lake, this is the preferred substrate of choice in the home aquarium. Structures of Rocks and Driftwood should be provided to break up lines of sight in the tank. This will allow fish to claim a territory and not harass others.

Like all Lake Malawi fish, this is a live mouthbrooder, meaning the female will take fertilized eggs into her mouth and hold them approximately 28 days. After which time she will spit them out as free swimming fry.

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