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Hi fellow tankers,

I need your help. I purchased a tank on NYE, and have spent the past 5 and half weeks trying to get it to cycle.

I have got a small 45litre tank which I have got fake plants in and gravel.

I am getting readings, and have been for the past few weeks as follows:

Ammonia 0.25
Nitrite 0.25
Nitrate 0.50

I have an aqua internal filter 100,and have treated the water with dechlorinater (as per instructions) - AquaCare Water Conditioner along with adding bacteria - AquaCare Biological Supplement, again as per the instruction.

I have had my built in black light turned on for 5 hours each day, and kept the water temp between 23.8 and 24.3 (changes dependant on ambient temperature in my house).

I rang up the shop where I purchased my tank and equipment from, and they advised for me to do a 30% water change which I did over a week ago! Unfortunatley, here I am 1 week later in the same place I was before the change!

I want to purchase fish, especially as my gf is saying that I have purchased a rather expensive water ornament as it continues to be bereft of fish! I am loathed to put any fish in the tank whilst the levels are as I have indicated as it would be unfair to them.

Any advice will be very much appreciated! I am new to this underwater world, but based on the extensive searches I have done on the internet outlining my above issue, it seems I have a rather unique issue!

Thanks in advance, Martin

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Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum Martin.:cheers:

Cycling a new tank can take anywhere up to 8 weeks, usually, rarely longer. You need a constant source of ammonia, and from what you have told us I don't think any is being added. Some people use fish food, some shrimp (frozen), some add pure ammonia (must have no additives). The bacterial supplement adds some bacteria, but they need "food."

I prefer planted tanks, and with live plants the "cycle" occurs without notice as the plants use the ammonia. I can explain further if asked. Depending upon the intended fish, plants may be very beneficial.

I am concerned about this "blacklight," what is that for? This is not something you can use with fish in the tank.

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