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Cycling/Bubbles, etc.

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Hi, thanks again for all the advice here. How do you know when a tank is fully cycled? Is it when the water becomes fully clear (it's still cloudy after a week?) Is there a way to test for the bacteria? Sounds like I made a mistake by putting in the bacteria starter stuff; I'd never used it before, but it came in a kit with my new aquarium so I put it in.

Surface of the water is even bubblier than before. As I said in another post, it looks almost soapy or foamy. No, I did not use anything close to soap or chemicals in cleaning the aquarium, etc. Could it be something in the filter? It also came with the aquarium set up and it's like Aqua Clear or something. It's a hang-on type with foam, a carbon bag, and some other stuff in a mesh bag; I have no idea what it's for. I like the bio-wheels, but I'm short on money right now.
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It may take several weeks for a tank to become fully cycled. The best way to tell is check your ammonia and nitrIte levels. If these remain at 0 for at least a week or 2, then you should be good. This is of course, assuming the tank is filled with the fish that you intend to stock with.

Once your tank has the proper amount of fish for the size of the tank and is running for several months without any fluctuations in ammonia or nitrIte levels, then you can say your tank is established.
foam on the water surface can be excess proteins in the water. Are there any fish in there?
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