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Crayfish questions (Food/Housing)

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So, I've been debating for years about getting dwarf orange crayfish, and now am taking the plunge. I am buying from Elite Inverts, because I've heard good things about them.

Anyways, they have a very good selection of foods to choose from on there, as well as supplements and after looking around, I'm going with Shirakura Ebi Dama Special Ultra and Shirakura Chi Ebi. Judging by the price alone, I am thinking they are a good choice. Am I right? I also have about half a bag of Tetra Veggie Algae Wafers left over from the purple apple snails I had, but have since all died off. I chose it because it had extra calcium in it. Would it be too much calcium for the crayfish if I fed both the veggie wafers and the Ebi Dama Special Ultra to them?

I am getting the Ebi Dama Special Ultra because Elite Inverts suggested getting a highly nutritious food for an unestablished tank. I am also getting the Chi Ebi because Elite Inverts said it had micro-organisms that helped to break down food films and such, and would be good starter feed for baby crayfish, if the two I get reproduce. Though, I don't know the chances of getting both a male and a female together. Maybe getting a gravid female would be better odds? Maybe I am being a little to presumptuous here.


I've previously torn down my 10 gallon tank completely, the tank I plan on setting back up for the crayfish. I've done the research on how many to stock, which is 2, but I haven't bought them yet. I am waiting to get the tank up and cycled again. Would it be better to wait til the tank is fully cycled until I get the crayfish, or would it work to put them in while the tank is cycling? Would they be susceptible to ammonia spikes like actual fish? I should also add that my water is naturally a pH of 7.8. Is that high enough for crayfish?

I know some of these questions are rather silly or common sense to more experienced aquarists, so I apologize for that.
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Here is how I maintain all my crayfish. They live in strip tanks, meaning no substrate, and are provided multiple 4" sections of PVC Pipe for shelter. I typically put a plastic plant in and weight it down on both ends with the pipe sections.

Food: Crayfish eat everything from biofilm to dead fish. I would feed blanched green peas cut in half, blanched squash, high protein sinking pellet fish food, shrimp pellets and freeze dried or frozen cyclops. The cyclops will send their color off the charts. Decap brine shrimp eggs same thing. Just soak it for a minute and pout it out, they will siphon it out just fine. I also have an over abundance of convict fry that I cut in hald when they are an 1 1/2" and freeze. That makes their color pop as well.---It turns marble crayfish sky blue. For calcium. I take an egg shell and clean it, pulverise it and put it in a jar under the lights or in the window until it is covered with green algea. They love the algea and it breaks down the egg shell so they eat it as well. I also add / hide a few chuncks of egg shell in the tank.

Almost forgot, they love to eat snails and get calcium from them.. You can raise rams horns in a five gal bucket with no air or heat.
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