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Hey guys, I'm new here, I have a 29 gal tank with a bak-pak 2 on it. It has worked great until the other day when it started to produce millions of micro bubbles constantly and now its not collecting any skimmate. I am getting nuisance algae everywhere, and its like its going to choke off my live rock. I have repeatedly cleaned the whole unit, pump, airlines, ect. in tapwater. My params are okay but the nitrAte has built up to 20ppm. Ammonia-0, nitrIte-0, Specific gravity-1.023, temp. 76.6, R/O water used only, no chemicals or aditives, pH-8.4, three small fish, 50 lbs of fiji live rock, a fromia elegans seastar, 15 reef crabs. So there should be a sufficient amount of skimmate with this much bioload. Thanks for any help!
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