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(I apologize if there is already a topic like this. Please feel free to link me to any existing threads that you think would be of benefit to me regarding this!)

Sometime last year, I had a betta who had what appeared to be fin rot, as well as a swim bladder issue that didn't respond to fasting or daphnia (I didn't know about epsom salt treatment at this point); he was given antibiotics in a hospital tank and seemed better in the fin rot department, though he still couldn't float worth a darn. He then died a few months later for whatever reason. (I suppose there was still something nasty in there that took hold in a period of stress.)

I am a bit concerned that his illness(es) could be present in my live plants (anacharis) and snails (MTS) and might come back to haunt me if I don't do something. I'm fishless at the moment and plan on taking apart the tank for a good disinfecting before getting a new betta; while the plants and snails are in quarantine, is there anything I can do about them? Should I even be concerned at all? I do have a tendency to overthink things a bit. ;-)


[edit] To clarify, I'm worried about bacteria that could affect future fish, not me. I'm rather lacking in fins to rot. :p
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