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Hi all,

I've been enjoying a new tank set up of 22l with 2 sterbai ( will be adding 2 more when LFS has healthy stock). I have been feeding them sparingly with King British Catfish pellet food (my last tank had water quality issues due to my inexperience and over feeding) they have settled in very well and are active, seem happy and give me immense joy to watch.

The reason for my post is due to unexpected building works I am going to have to move out for a week and may not be able to get access to my aquarium for several days at a time. I am taking precautions to avoid any airborne contaminants getting to the tank but I am most concerned about feeding them.

I bought an auto feeder that clips on the side of the tank and within 30 seconds had decided it was a piece of junk and binned it. I bought a more expensive one with fantastic reviews, which I admit if it was feeding a larger amount of fish in a bigger tank would be OK, however, it randomly drops between 2 and 15+ pellets on each rotation even when modified with tape etc!?! So I won't be using that either.

Any suggestions on what to do? I know most fish can fast for a couple of days without issue, but this could be up to 4 or 5 days (possibly more if I take what the builders say with a pinch of salt!) I'm not happy about the idea of using a feeding block as they are well known to destroy your water quality and as I have a cycling tank with 0am 0nitrite and minimal nitrate I don't really want to mess that up.

You opinions would be gratefully received and hopefully you can help alleviate some of my concerns. Unfortunately where I am going to stay would not be suitable to remove the tank to, so that is not an option.

Thanks in advance..
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