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cory setup question

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Quick setup question. I'm currently cycling my first aquarium (20g long) and want to set it up for a group of 6 corydoras aeneus, either bronze or albino variety I've not decided yet. I've read that they need places to shelter; will they be happy to shelter between plants or do they like to have a cave of some sort? Given that I'm limited on space I don't want to add something unnecessary. Thanks :)
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They will definitely thrive in a planted tank. I would give them something to hide in as well. Even a few bricks or slate that you can lean against a surface would be great. I keep some red bricks stacked in a scattered pattern and they hang out in the 'cory cave' during most of the day. They are primarily nocturnal so they enjoy hiding away a bit during the daytime.
Thanks Byron. I forgot to mention that! I do have bogwood with mine too. It slipped my mind.
I think that sounds like a great idea! You should also go with what you like best too, as long as the fish get what they need.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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