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cory setup question

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Quick setup question. I'm currently cycling my first aquarium (20g long) and want to set it up for a group of 6 corydoras aeneus, either bronze or albino variety I've not decided yet. I've read that they need places to shelter; will they be happy to shelter between plants or do they like to have a cave of some sort? Given that I'm limited on space I don't want to add something unnecessary. Thanks :)
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A chunk of bogwood would be ideal, since it is part of their natural habitat. The Malaysian Driftwood that is available in many stores works well, as it is often full of tunnels and crevices. It comes in varying sizes, and you could have two smallish pieces.

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It is a minor point, but I always prefer decor that is natural for the fish species. So in tanks with corys I use only wood (and plants) because all SA streams have lots of sunken wood branches and logs. Leaf litter is also useful.

Leaving the open space is important as Thoth noted. Always feeding the fish in the same area soon gets them used to it, and is a good way to observe all of them during feeding.

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